Ultra Tacks Shoulder Pads By CCM

The Ultra Tacks CCM shoulder pads feature an anatomical fit as well as an adaptable shoulder system that’s able to follow the wearer’s movements in order to ensure that the shoulder pads won’t lift upward. The pads also incorporate Smart D3O foam technology, which guarantees some of the highest protection levels available right now. The material was designed to react to varying intensities without losing its soft consistency, which makes it ideal for absorbing low impacts before hardening at high-energy impacts.

Ultra Tacks Shoulder Pads By CCM

Ultra Tacks Shoulder Pads By CCM, Back
Ultra Tacks CCM shoulder pads, Side
Ultra Tacks CCM shoulder pads

The Dual Core HD foam shoulder caps are also reinforced with D3O smart foam, while the adjustable bicep with its removable extension guarantees a custom comfort fit as well as irreproachable protection. The torso area comes with removable belly and lower spine protection, while the sternum was molded specifically to ensure an adaptable fit.

CCM Ultra Tacks Shoulder Pads

Shoulder Pads By CCM

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