Urban Exploration Icons Collection By The North Face

The iconic Mountain Murdo Light Parka for men and Cagoule Light Parka for women have been redesigned extensively by The North Face using cues from the 60s and 70s. These awesome parkas are as sturdy as they are fashionable, and their designs are now better than ever thanks to the brand’s new technologies and fabrics.

Navy Mountain Murdo Light Parka by The North Face

The North Face Mountain Murdo Light Parka

The men’s Mountain Murdo flaunts alpine breast pockets, all-weather protection, and a narrow cut, while the women’s Cagoule Parka boasts a lightweight fabric that offers incredible freedom of movement. It also includes DryVent technology, which guarantees perfect ventilation and dryness, both traits being highly appreciated when it comes to exploration gear.

Cagoule Light Parka

Cagoule Light Parka for Women
Cagoule ThermoBall Jacket by The North Face
The North Face Cagoule ThermoBall Jacket

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