Ventilator Rugby Headgear By Canterbury

Rugby protective headgear is perhaps the most important type of gear in this sport, which is why it’s never a good idea to cheap out on it. Purchasing reliable and high quality gear ensures that you’re able to give it all you got on the field without having to worry about injuries and accidents, and that’s always a good recipe for success.

Rugby Headgear By Canterbury

The Ventilator Rugby Headgear By Canterbury is a perfect choice because it was created with lightness and durability in mind. It is based on an aero matrix construction and flaunts an anti-microbial fabric that keeps bacteria at bay. The front of the headgear features a CCC logo for a touch of authenticity, while the bottom boasts an expandable lace up closure as well as an adjustable chinstrap with a pressure release system.

Rugby Protective Headgear Ventilator Rugby Headgear By Canterbury

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