Versatile 816 H2 Hybrid By Titleist

If you’re looking for something to help you improve your long game, this Titleist iron is definitely worthy of a closer look. Dubbed 816 H2, this compact hybrid offers iron like control with improved speed, higher launch and steeper landing angles when compared to conventional long irons. This helps you stop the ball closer to the pin, thus improving your game overall.

816 H2 Hybrid By Titleist

The 816 H2 also flaunts exceptional turf interaction thanks to Active Recoil Channel sole edges, and we should also mention its slight offset, which is perfect for aggressive players. Designed for right-handed golf players, this product is available in four different versions, namely 19°,21°, 23° and 25°, each boasting lengths of 40.”, 40”, 39.5” and 39” respectively.

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