Top 16 Awesome White Boxing Gloves From The Most Famous Brands

Recently I came across a Reddit thread that asked if the color of the boxing gloves matters. More specifically, the idea of the question was whether different colors help somehow the boxer in the ring.

So, can the color of the gloves bring a little extra in a boxing match? The short answer is no.

In general, the color you choose for your boxing gloves has no impact on your performance. The color is a matter of personal preference, and it only fulfills the role of style.

Wearing something you like, that defines you, and makes you feel comfortable can give you a boost of confidence. This confidence keeps you in a positive and good mood to fight.

All White Boxing Gloves
All White Boxing Gloves

What will make a difference and help you in your boxing career is training consistently, improving technique, continuing to work on improving physical conditions and strength, and creating a strategy.

However, if we are to delve into science, there are some studies that show that people can distinguish between different colors even in the periphery vision. So, that would mean that some colors are easier or harder to track. At the end of the article, I posted a link from a study on color perception in the intermediate periphery of the visual field, for those who want to know more details.

Nevertheless, there are some trends in the choice of color for boxing gloves. The most popular colors among boxers are red, blue, black, and white, with red boxing gloves being a best seller.

In today’s article, I choose to share with you some of the most searched white boxing gloves from world-renowned brands.

White boxing gloves are part of the history of boxing and even represent a special tradition. In the old days, they symbolized purity and good sportsmanship, being even among the first choice of boxers entering the ring.

Feel free to browse through the selection, take your time to find something you like, and keep in mind to always consult the boxing gloves size chart before making the final purchase.

1. White Venum Boxing Gloves

1.1 Venum Elite – White Boxing Gloves

With these Venum Elite boxing gloves, you will take your boxing performance to the extreme.

Assembled and sewn by hand in Thailand, these boxing gloves have a sleek, white design.

Their construction is from a microfiber PU manufactured in Japan that is highly resistant to wear and tear and is specially crafted to last for years.

The gloves offer enough space for your hands that sit comfortably in a natural position. Thus, you can hit without stopping.

These gloves also come with a perforated palm that ensures good ventilation so that your hands do not overheat. The Velcro strap is very sturdy and ensures that your wrist is stable throughout the training.

The Venum Elite boxing gloves are for beginners and intermediates. They have consistent padding in the finger and knuckle area, but they are still light.

The thick padding will make you feel nothing when you hit or train at the heavy bag.

If you think you want to have a feeling for the bag, you should look for other gloves with less protection. As for the fit, they offer a snug fit, not tight, and can be used together with hand wraps.

Available gloves weights: 8, 10, 14, and 16 ounces.

White Venum Elite Boxing GlovesWhite Venum Elite Boxing Gloves 1
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Low price

1.2 Venum Contender

The Venum Contender boxing gloves are truly made to address some sparring and boxing training challenges.

These white boxing gloves feature a curved anatomical design that allows your hands to stay in a relaxed position that does not lead to fatigue.

Inside, they have multi-density foam padding that absorbs the forces of continuous impacts. The padding thickness is great for sparring and mitt work, but it is not enough for heavy bag workouts, especially if you are a beginner, because you will feel stress on your knuckles.

On the outside, the gloves have a casing made from 100% premium synthetic leather that resists quite well to intense situations and for a long time.

The full attached thumb reduces the risk of injury, while the Velcro strap makes them easy to put on and off. The strap also provides the necessary support to keep your wrist healthy, stabilized, and powerful.

These White Venum Contender boxing gloves are available in the following weights: 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 ounces.

Venum Contender Boxing Gloves

2. White Everlast Boxing Gloves

2.1 Everlast Elite Laced – All White Boxing Gloves

Everlast has taken a jump to a next level when creating the Everlast Elite Training boxing gloves. These boxing gloves feature the Evershield technology, which makes the gloves very soft. These innovative and lightweight materials give a feeling of a second skin, making them extremely comfortable for the wearer. Also, this top technology offers increased hand protection in all types of training.

The premium multi-layered foam offers optimal impact absorption and protection. The gloves and some laces give you a tighter fit. The laces adapt so that you feel they are suitable for your hands. However, keep in mind that you will need a partner to tie them for you and to help you take them off.

These innovative gloves are recommended for intermediates and professional boxers for all types of boxing training. Also, it is a good option for those who want to be protected but feel the impact of the punch when landing.
Everlast Elite Laced Leather Boxing GlovesEverlast Elite Laced Leather Boxing Gloves 1

2.2 Everlast Powerlock2 Pro Laced

The Powerlock2 with some outstanding features is for boxers who don’t want to miss anything in the ring.

The gloves contain a five-layer rubber core that absorbs shocks and provides superior protection.

The padded wrist keeps the wrist in a normal position and stabilizes it, while the ventilated palm takes care of the temperature inside the glove.

The shell of the gloves is made of full-grain leather, which is durable and offers increased performance.

These gloves are secured by a Turnback Laced enclosure that adjusts according to your needs.

Powerlock2 Pro Laced Training Gloves Turnback Laced enclosure
Those who want an easier putting on and taking off the gloves without any help can get the model with a Velcro strap.

Powerlock2 Pro Laced Training Gloves Velcro strap

Low price

2.3 White Everlast Elite Pro Style

These gloves are good for a lower budget, being the cheapest white Everlast gloves on our list.

They can be used by beginners for various training as well as for heavy bag, mitt work, or sparring. The exterior of the gloves is made of high-quality synthetic leather, which makes the gloves durable and resistant.

For the comfort of your hands, Everlast has also introduced a full mesh palm that ensures good ventilation. Sweat will be eliminated and you will be able to box with dry hands.

The wrist is protected by a hook-and-loop closure.

Gloves weight: 12 oz

White Everlast Elite Pro StyleWhite Everlast Elite Pro Style 1
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3. White Ringside Boxing Gloves

3.1 Ringside Extreme

Ringside Extreme Fitness Boxing Gloves are for both women and men.

With an ergonomic design, these gloves can accommodate both a woman’s and a man’s hands.

They can be worn in training, sparring, and even light competition, as they offer superior padding and protection.

They feature an injected molded foam padding system that ensures ample cushioning to minimize the impact on your hands.

Also, this padding doesn’t feel bulky, but it takes care of your knuckles and fingers quite well.

The interior mesh liner is breathable and helps keep your hands dry during extended workouts.

Gloves weight: 12 oz

White Ringside Extreme Boxing Gloves

Low price

3.2 Ringside Striker

The Ringside Striker is a pair of budget-friendly boxing gloves.

Priced at $25, they are the cheapest Ringside gloves on our list.

So if you are a beginner and want a pair of gloves with an acceptable price with which to start learning the techniques of this sport, then Ringside Striker is a valid option.

The gloves are made of synthetic leather that promises durability and an extended lifespan of the gloves.

Also, they are easy to clean and have a layered foam padding system that protects you from impact when boxing.

The full wrap-around and hook-and-loop closure help support the wrist of those just learning to master the art of boxing.

Ringside StrikerĀ  – Gloves weight: 16 oz

Ringside Striker 16 oz

3.3 Ringside Lace IMF

The Ringside’s Lace IMF Tech gloves are made specifically for those who love a good session of sparring.

Their synthetic leather construction will pleasantly surprise you with its amazing resistance. Even if the material is not pure leather, it is extremely durable and will not yield very easily.

On the inside, the gloves have 2.5″ of injected molded foam that offers protection, acting as an effective shield against impacts.

For support, this product has a traditional lace closure that keeps the hands and wrists in place for optimal stability.

White Ringside Lace IMF

3.4 Ringside Pro Style IMF

The Ringside Lace IMF Tech Boxing Training Sparring Gloves are built to last.

They are designed for longevity, from 100% full-grain premium leather and other premium materials.

The injected molded foam technology is one of the most appreciated technologies on the market.

It provides high impact resistance, as well as great shock absorption and a good level of protection, especially to the knuckles.

The only thing you have to consider with this model is that it runs small. They are good for those with small or medium hands, but those with larger hands may have trouble putting them on.

The gloves are available in an option with a Velcro system for those who usually train alone and want to be able to put on and take off their gloves easily.

White Ringside Pro Style IMF - Velcro

But, for those who always have a friend next to them, there is the option with a lace system that ensures additional support to the wrist and an adjustable fit.

White Ringside Pro Style IMF - lace system

Best price~quality

3.5 Ringside Master’s Competition

The Ringside Master’s Competition Gloves are made by experts to improve performance through increased comfort for every boxer.

Crafted of premium leather, these white Ringside boxing gloves have great sturdiness, making them reliable gloves.

They feature an attached thumb that adds superior protection and comfort, while the thick, layered-foam padding system absorbs shocks.

The gloves offer a snug fit and a full range of motion. The hook-and-loop closure keeps the hand stabilized without slipping or moving inside the glove.

All these features help you focus your attention on the fight and keep you comfortable.

Ringside Master's Competition White Color Boxing Gloves

4. White Adidas Boxing Gloves

4.1 Adidas Speed TILT 150

When you throw powerful punches you need great wrist support and good padding. This is exactly what these Adidas Speed TILT 150 boxing gloves promote.

Their Tilt design keeps the fist in a natural, comfortable position without forcing it to sit in a radial deviation.

This is important because if the hand is not in a good position when hitting, there is a risk of getting a sprained wrist. Also for the wrist, these gloves also have a wide Velcro closing system that allows them to be easily adjusted.

The interior premium lining and the Aeroready technology regulate the temperature so that your hands stay dry and healthy. The dense foam padding helps you perform better and keeps your knuckles covered so you don’t injure or cut them during training.

The Adidas Speed TILT 150 gloves have a curved, anatomical shape that is not really preferred by everyone when boxing.

So, consider your boxing style and decide if this design is for you.

adidas Speed TILT 150 - White Boxing Glovesadidas Speed TILT 150 - White Boxing Gloves 1

4.2 Adidas Hybrid 150

Adidas comes with some boxing gloves specially made to meet the needs of amateurs and mid-level boxers.

These Adidas boxing gloves help you to deliver a knockout punch in the ring. The gloves feature a new design that Adidas launched in 2021. What does this new one-piece mold design entail?

It means that you can train and hit without any restraint and without your hands getting tired. The design adds extra stability and support to the wrist, keeping you safe and injury-free.

Their material is a high-quality polyurethane leather, which compared to other gloves on the market, lasts quite well without falling apart.

They can be used for heavy bags, mitt training, and even light sparring because they also have a unique SDX perforated foam construction. This foam keeps your knuckles in good condition, but also gives you a natural feeling when you hit.

The gloves are only available in the version with the Velcro closure system, which, although it stabilizes the wrist, tends to wear out over time.

However, they are budget-friendly and can be a perfect entry point for those looking to add boxing to their routine.

Adidas Hybrid 150 - White Boxing Gloves

5. White Title Boxing Gloves

5.1 TITLE Ko-Vert – White Boxing Gloves

Coming in an absolutely immaculate white and with a simple and perfect design, the Title boxing Ko-Vert training gloves are the cherry on top.

Available in a model with a Velcro system closure for those who train alone and in one with a lace system for those who prefer to attend a boxing gym, these gloves are made of 100% premium, genuine leather.

This top-notch material will not only last and not come off, but it will give you a cozy feel over your hands.

In the case of those with a Velcro system, the 360-degree wrist wrap is also made of leather. It molds to your wrist and ensures plenty of wrist support.

Inside the glove, there’s a mesh lining that gives you a good level of ventilation to keep sweat and odor away. The lining, like the outer skin, has a high resistance to wear and tear and does not yield.
White TITLE Boxing Ko-Vert Boxing Gloves
White TITLE Boxing Ko-Vert Boxing Gloves - Velcro system

Best price~quality

5.2 Title Boxing Special Edition Gel

Are you a hard hitter? Then, Title has a pair of gloves for you.

Called Title Boxing Special Edition Gel, you can hit with these gloves even concrete and you will still be protected.

How so? Well, they incorporate GEL technology. If you are not a true believer in this new technology, know that it contains a gel-like substance that is soft, flexible, and provides excellent shock absorption.

Gloves are a good choice for boxers who are not bothered by the fact that they don’t feel anything when they hit. So, before you buy, take into account the fact that the gel padding of these gloves is very thick and cushioning.

The gel is encased in a durable outer construction made from 100% genuine leather. The gloves are durable and have the ability to maintain their shape even after multiple impacts.

For those who want to handle them easily, Title offers the version with a Velcro system closure that wraps the wrist very well.

They stabilize the hand when hitting, so you won’t suffer from wrist pain.

For those who are not a fan of Velcro, then they can purchase the version with laces, which can be adjusted according to your hand’s needs.

These White Title Boxing Special Edition boxing gloves are available in the following weights: 12, 14, and 16 ounces.

Title Boxing Special Edition White Boxing Gloves

High price

5.3 TITLE Heavy Bag 2.0

Let’s continue our white Title boxing gloves line with these Heavy Bag Gloves 2.0.

They perfectly combine an ergonomic design with great functions that turn them into the ultimate training boxing gloves.

The gloves are made using matte, luxurious patent leather accents.

These boxing gloves have fairly good durability, and the seams withstand the pressure of impacts quite well.

The design also incorporates an articulated split thumb and a wrist curvature. These features help to position the hands in the glove naturally.

They also offer, unlike other boxing gloves, greater flexibility when you want to make a fist.

The Velcro strap is there for secure fitment, while the mesh palm gets rid of moisture and sweat.

These White Title Boxing Special Edition Boxing Gloves are available in the following weights: 12, 14, 16, and 18 ounces.

White Title Boxing Special Edition Boxing Gloves
All White Boxing Gloves
Best price~quality

6. White CLETO REYES Boxing Gloves

If you are a boxer with years of experience, these Cleto Reyes training gloves are for you. Perfect for sparring and training sessions, these gloves are handmade from premium leather in Mexico. They offer great wrist support and stability, which means outstanding feedback when landing punches.

Cleto Reyes says that they can also be worn during heavy bag workouts. However, you have to be careful. They are good for a lighter bag workout, but for a heavy bag, their flat padding will not provide enough protection to your knuckles. They can be used for heavy bags, just maybe with extra wraps in the knuckles area.

The gloves are pretty solid and absorb impact pretty well. They are suitable for those with smaller hands because at first, they are extremely tight and uncomfortable. Their break-in period is approximately 2-3 weeks of use. The break-in period is uncomfortable and even painful, but after that, these gloves will take the shape of your hands and memorize it for a long time.
These White CLETO REYES Boxing Gloves are available in the following weights: 12, 14, 16, and 18 ounces.

White CLETO REYES Boxing Gloves
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Final Thoughts

It is clear that the abundance on the market makes it difficult to choose a pair of boxing gloves.

What makes the choice easier is to know exactly what you plan to do with them – or what method you will use for training.

My white boxing gloves top offers you an option for those who intend to do more sparring, as well as those who plan to do many heavy bag workouts or even mitts.

Let me know in the comments section if white is a color you would choose for your boxing gloves. What other color do you prefer?

According to the study (study link), people can distinguish between different colors even in the periphery.

Although color perception in the periphery is worse than in the fovea, this can sometimes be influenced by other external factors such as lighting conditions.

However, the sensitivity to different colors varies, some colors being more easily perceived than others in the periphery.

For example, the colors orange and blue are distinguished less in the periphery due to the elongated discrimination ellipses in the fovea.

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