The essential wrestling gear that you need

The essential wrestling gear

Wrestling is different, exciting, and demanding sport. You do not need balls, racquets, or other things because everything is based on your body strength.

Being a contact sport, wrestling requires endurance and agility. You have to always be ready to grab, pin, apply different techniques and strategies, and take down your opponent.

Sound thrilling, right?

Still, as great as it sounds, let’s not forget that having the essential wrestling gear is crucial for a successful wrestling session.

Today, you will find out what are the components of wrestling gear.

Let’s get started!

Wrestling backpacks and bags

If you practice wrestling, you should use wrestling backpacks or bags to carry your wrestling gear. The wrestling backpacks and bags have different compartments for wrestling shoes, headgear, wrestling singlets, knee pads, and other wrestling accessories.

This kind of wrestling accessory helps you to be more organized and to have all the wrestling gear in one place. You also don’t risk losing some of them.

The wrestling backpacks or bags’ material is sturdy, which guarantees long use.

Singlets or Unitards

Wrestling unitards are also commonly known as wrestling singlets. These are one-piece garments worn by wrestlers in competitions.

They have a tight fit and are made from very elastic and flexible materials such as spandex, lycra, or nylon.

The wrestling unitards or singlets offer a tight fit on the body. The fit does not interfere with the wrestler’s movements. In wrestling, it is forbidden for the opponent to use clothing as a hold or grapple.

What is interesting is that singlets and unitards were introduced in the 1970s. Before that, wrestlers were dressed in trunks and tights, until the NCAA banned shirtless wrestling.

There are women’s wrestling singlets and men’s wrestling unitards. Both have similar designs with shoulders, arms, and chest not being covered.

In this way, the wrestler can move easily.

The wrestling singlet can have three types of cuts:

  • wrestling singlet with high-cut – The high-cut singlet exposes more of the thigh, having a higher cut on the leg. It also includes thicker straps and a higher neckline in the design.
  • wrestling singlet with low-cut – The low-cut singlet has thinner straps, and the cut on the leg is lower. The thigh is more covered compared to those with a higher cut.
  • wrestling singlets with FILA-cut – This singlet features a square cut. The neckline is also higher, and the shoulder straps are wider. This FILA wrestling singlet meets the technical regulations set by the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles (FILA).FILA-cut wrestling singlets are commonly used in international wrestling competitions and are recognized as the standard design for singlets by FILA.

Wrestling Headgear

You should totally wear wrestling headgear in your training or fights. Actually, the wrestling headgears are mandatory at youth levels like school and college.

The wrestling headgear is divided into two types: the ear guard and the face guard.

Let’s see each one what is.

Ear Guards

The ear guard, known as wrestling headgear, is a piece of protective equipment that offers a large coverage of the ears. It resembles two cups that are connected by one or two straps.

Among the most popular options is wrestling headgear with front pad because it delivers extra protection to the forehead.

Face Guards or Masks

When doing wrestling training, there is also the option to wear a face mask as protective gear for your face.

The wrestling face mask has padding and covers the forehead, cheeks, nose, and both sides of the face. It comes with straps for a secure fit. Wrestlers wear such an accessory when they have injuries such as a broken nose or a split eyebrow.

However, the wrestling face mask does not offer any protection to your mouth, so you should still wear a mouthguard.

Wrestling socks

Made from a blend of synthetic materials, wrestling socks are worn by athletes under wrestling shoes. The wrestling socks ensure a non-slip surface inside the shoe that helps the wrestler to perform better.

Another purpose of wrestling socks is to keep the feet healthy. They keep the feet cool and dry by wicking sweat away and minimize the risk of bacteria or blisters, calluses, and other foot injuries.

Wrestling socks feature a variety of designs, styles, colors, and lengths.


What would wrestling be without a good pair of shoes, right? Wrestling shoes are especially important because they ensure that you move easily and safely on the wrestling mat.

Wrestling shoes are built in such a way that they provide great traction, grip, support, and flexibility. You can make quick movements in all directions without problems. Many brands offer good options, but the most renowned among wrestlers are undoubtedly the Asics wrestling shoes.

But what about boxing shoes in wrestling? It is known that many boxers wear wrestling shoes in the ring. So, does this mean that wrestlers can wear boxing shoes too?

Boxing shoes can be worn in wrestling, but you must be aware that they do not fulfill all your needs. For example, they do not guarantee the same ankle support during pivoting as the original wrestling shoes. If you feel good wearing them, then they are a good option for you.


A mouthguard is a vital protective gear in wrestling. Being a sport with contact and collisions between opponents, you risk having a broken tooth or an injured jaw. So, it is good to have protection from potential impacts on the face and jaw.

When it comes to mouthguards, you have unlimited options. All mouthguards follow the same design, so you can choose models even if they are dedicated to other sports. For example, many wrestlers choose to wear mouthguards for boxing.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing the right mouthguard. It all depends on your preferences in terms of design, color, and type.

Knee Pads

What should not miss from your wrestling gear are the wrestling knee pads. I can even say that it is not complete without these protective accessories.

In wrestling, the chances of knee injury are quite high. Plus, it’s possible that you won’t like the burning sensation from the wrestling mat either. The only way to protect against these two is to wear knee pads.

You can also find valuable information about how to choose the right knee pad for wrestling as well as how to wear knee pads correctly on our website.

If you have a child who wants to start the adventure in this sport, I also have for you some awesome youth wrestling knee pads.

That is the entire list with all of the essential wrestling gear you need to have to be fully prepared for the sport.

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