Top 10 Wrestling Knee Pads In 2023

If you practice wrestling, you need a good pair of wrestling knee pads. It may sound like a cliché, but it’s not.

They are designed to offer protection to the knee and to reduce the risk of injuries.

Wrestling is a sport that demands stamina, strength, and skills. But even if you have a high level of fitness, there is still a probability of having hard contact against the mat.

When wrestling, you have to crouch, twist, and turn. And you need to be prepared for all that. In particular, you have to pay special attention to the knee due to the pressure that is put on it in this sport.

Wrestling Knee Pads

The knees are a sensitive area of the body. Serious injuries can happen at their level, and some of them don’t heal that easily. Take as an example the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) which has a recovery period of six to nine months, or MCL (medial collateral injuries) with a period of six to seven weeks.

As I said at the beginning, wearing knee pads is not a cliché, but a fact.

Some research shows that knee pads can reduce the injury rate by 56%.

Can you wear knee pads in wrestling?

Yes, you can wear knee pads while practicing wrestling. Actually, all rules allow the wearing of knee pads. However, some athletes choose to wear them, while others prefer not to.

Due to the fact that wrestling is a contact sport, and especially that it is also allowed, it is recommended to wear knee pads to keep your knees healthy.

The knee is a sensitive area of the body. The knee joint capsule contains three nerve endings as free nerve endings, Ruffini corpuscles, and Pacini corpuscles.

If this area is hit continuously, you risk having a swollen and painful knee.

The wrestling knee pads absorb any shock resulting from the impact, protecting the knee area.

How do I choose the right knee pad for me?

When choosing the right knee pads for you, keep in mind the following factors: fit, material, length, durability, and amount of padding and support.

To be sure that the knee pads sit well on your leg and that they will not turn, slide, or shift during movement, you need them to ensure you are a good fit. Knee pads must stay in one place and hug your knee. If they slide or change their position, then you can say goodbye to protection. However, they must not be very tight because you will feel discomfort and pain, and it will limit your range of motion.

As for the material, try to choose a pair of knee pads with a material that is as elastic, flexible, durable, and breathable as possible. The breathability of the material is a must-have feature, otherwise, you risk the knee overheating and sweating. Also, the durability must also be superior. The more durable, the longer they will last.

You can choose the length according to your preference, or if you have specific needs, then these will help you decide. There are only two types of lengths when it comes to knee pads: short and long. The short ones focus on protection, while the long ones offer good support in addition to protection.

Finally, there is also padding that can be bulkier or lighter. If you think that your game is more aggressive and you will fall or slide a lot on your knees, you should consider something with a good amount of padding.

How to wear knee pads?

Knee pads are accessories for protecting your knees, without interfering with or limiting your mobility. However, if they are not correctly positioned on your knees, then even if you wear them, you are still prone to accidents.

They must offer you a snug fit – not too tight because you risk cutting out your blood circulation, but not too loose. You have to stretch your leg and fit the knee pad on the knee, with the padding in front.

But where exactly should the padding be? Which side of the knee is prone when you slip?
Well, the shin and the lower part of the knee are the ones that will make contact with the floor. Therefore, the padding area must be centered over your knee and just below the kneecap.

I recommend that before you jump into a game, you simulate a slide or a dive. This way you will realize how well you wear the knee pads.

You can always reposition them until you feel they are in the right place. When the real game comes, you will know exactly how to wear knee pads.

Now that you know what to look for and how to wear them, let’s see which wrestling knee pads are perfect for you.

1. Adidas Reversible Wrestling Knee Pads

These Adidas wrestling knee pads come in two colors, black and white, and in sizes ranging from S to XXL.

This product from Adidas is a good one and offers optimal shock absorption at impact, but also knee support. If you have problems with your knees, certain pains, or discomfort, you will immediately feel the difference when you wear these knee pads.

Responsible for the protection against damage from impacts is the thick EVA foam and the sturdy material. The padding is durable and even customers say that it does not fall apart. In the back area, the knee pad has a breathable mesh that ensures that the knee has ventilation.

The wrestling knee pad from Adidas is sold individually and not in a pair of two.

What should be mentioned here is that the version of white wrestling knee pads tends to lose its shine and become gray. The shade of gray doesn’t really wash out. The black version is much better from this point of view.

Adidas Wrestling Knee Pad

2. ASICS Unisex-Adult Slider Knee pads

Tough and durable, these Asics wrestling knee pads give your knees a decent padding level for impact absorption.

They come with a cushioned PU foam that is thick and great at minimizing the risk of injury or damage.

Don’t be fooled by the pictures. In reality, the amount of padding will surprise you because it turns out they have a lot.

These wrestling knee pads tend to be fairly snug. Some customers believe that they are suitable for people with calves somewhere between 14 and 16 inches.

Apart from this, they sit quite well, do not slip, and the flex zones offer you good freedom of movement when you want to bend the knee.

Many people are also satisfied with their durability, some even saying that they have owned and used them for 3-4 years with no sign of wearing out.

ASICS Unisex-Adult Slider Knee pad

3. Nike Streak Wrestling Knee pads

Made from polyester combined with nylon and rubber, these Nike wrestling knee pads are sold as pairs in white and black.

Their foam padding is flexible and takes the shape of your knees to absorb any shock from impacts. The ergonomic fit ensures optimal coverage and minimizes pressure on the joint. They offer you comfort and reduce the pain present through the support provided.

These wrestling knee pads from Nike also incorporate their popular Dri-Fit technology that absorbs all the sweat that appears during physical activities.

These items are some of the best wrestling knee pads when it comes to fit, feel, and protection. However, their durability is not superior. They tend to wear out after 6-7 months. But, as I said, due to the other advantages, some have chosen to buy them again just because they feel great on their knees and offer top-notch protection.

Also, it is advisable to consult the Nike size chart presented below because it seems that they are more suitable for people with thinner legs.

Nike Wrestling Knee Pads Size Chart
Circumference (in)14 – 15½15½ – 1717 – 18

Nike Streak Wrestling Knee pad

4. McDavid 6440 Hexpad

For those who prefer knee pads that are not bulky, I present these Mcdavid wrestling knee pads.
These knee pads for wrestling are made from 80% nylon and feature a 9mm Hex technology padding with advanced shock-absorption properties. This technology also helps to distribute the pressure evenly and to reduce the risk of a knee injury.

They are lightweight but strong. Despite the low weight and thinner padding, they manage to offer good protection and a surprising amount of support. Mcdavid moisture management technology keeps your knee ventilated and sweat and odor-free.

They come in all sizes, being great for adult men and women. But no worries. If you are a parent and you search for some youth wrestling knee pads for your child, then these work great too.

Just keep in mind that they are quite thin, which makes them unsuitable for those who land hard on their knees.

McDavid Wrestling Knee pad

5. Venum Kontact Gel

The Venum wrestling knee pads are for those who want to try a gel-based technology. These knee pads are made of superior fabric that contains 75% neoprene and protective gel.

The breathable material prevents your knees from overheating during intense training sessions, while the ergonomic design lets you move freely and even bend your knees without discomfort. The gel layer provides cushioning between the knee and the ground, so it will take all the force of the impact.

These Venum knee pads can be worn by those who practice volleyball, or even MMA.

The sizes of Venum are successful, and they fit great on thinner legs as well as on thicker ones.

A downside of these Venum products is that they cannot boast years of durability. They tend to wear out after a few months of use.

Venum Knee Pad Size Chart
Circumference (in)14 – 14½15 – 15½16

Venum Kontact Gel Knee Pad

6. Cliff Keen Lycra Reversible

The Cliff Keen wrestling knee pads are all about comfortable fit and excellent protection. As their name suggests, they are manufactured from spandex. The flexibility of this material is superior, offering a snug fit around your knee. Apart from flexibility, the material is also very soft, ensuring comfort and a full range of motion.

These knee pads will stay exactly where you place them, without moving or turning. Ventilation is provided by several features such as upper and lower leg mesh, but also by air vent holes behind the knee.

Overall, they offer good protection, but they are sold individually and at a not very low price.

Cliff Keen Lycra Reversible

7. Bodyprox Protective

The affordable price makes these black wrestling knee pads suitable for beginners who are looking for a quality product without spending a lot.

They have a material that contains polyester, rubber, and EVA foam. The material is flexible, and lightweight, but also breathable, keeping your knees cool at all times. Thanks to flexibility, you can move freely without feeling any stiffness or discomfort.

The EVA foam protects the knee from impact energy, providing a cushioning effect that helps to reduce the risk of injury.

However, although at first, the cushioning is excellent, the padding tends to thin out after more use, no longer offering sufficient protection.

Still, these knee pads are true to their size and come in pairs.

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pad Size Chart*
Circumference (in)13.5 – 17½17.5 – 20½

Measure the circumference of your thigh, 4in above kneecap

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pad

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8. Cumulus Wrestling Knee Pads

Since until now the top only contained short knee pads, I chose to put some long wrestling knee pads for those who want more coverage. These are the Cumulus Sport knee pads and have a mid-length.

Compared to all other shorter knee pads, these long knee pads offer not only protection against shocks, but also take care of the shin and lower thigh areas. Furthermore, thanks to the additional coverage, these pads can offer extra support to ligaments, as well as muscle compression.

For protection, they feature an SBR foam that does not disappoint. Even after more use, the foam does not tend to thin out. It successfully keeps its shape and consistency.

Cumulus Sport (Pair) Mid Length High Impact Compression Knee Pads

Low price


If you’re on a budget, then here is another cheap wrestling knee pads option. They are called JMOKA knee pads and are made using an elastic fabric that molds on the knee.

The front area of the pads is loaded with a thickened anti-collision sponge that provides maximum protection through even pressure distribution around the knee. Nevertheless, they are not very bulky but have a decent amount of padding.

There’s also a cuff that keeps the pad in the correct position without allowing it to slide or roll on the leg during training. However, it is a topic where these knee pads do not excel – these are the seams, which start to give out after several uses.

Don’t let the cost fool you though, these knee pads do their job pretty well at keeping your knees safe.

JMOKA Wrestling Knee Pad


These knee pads from Maibu flaunt a cotton fabric that promotes flexibility and freedom of movement.

The material also has the property of keeping your knees warm even in environments with lower temperatures. Protection is provided by a high-density sponge that reduces impact force.

The non-slip design keeps the pad in one place and reduces any chaffing, thus lowering the risk of skin wounds.

If you have a thicker leg, you can try this product. On thinner legs, they offer a loose fit, which is not suitable when you practice sports. Also, the sponge padding wears out and becomes flat after a while.

MAIBU Wrestling Knee Pad

Let me know in the comments which brands of knee pads for wrestling you use. I am curious to see if you already used one from my list.

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