The X0 6.2 Backpack Is Completely Waterproof

Designed to represent the “submarine of backpacks,” the X0 6.2 Backpack is a fully waterproof product that boasts a capacity of 6.2 liters or 1.6 gallons. It was created using a very durable material called PE HT _ 1100 Dtex, and it comes with a screw-cap closure made out of PVC, as well as some neoprene padding.

X0 6.2 Backpack Completely Waterproof Backpack Completely Waterproof by X0 6.2

The product is ideal for day-hikers, sailors who want to keep precious gear or papers safe, surfers, or beach fans that want to keep their gadgets away from the salty waves. The backpack is ergonomic and back hugging, which means that it won’t bounce around when you’re moving.

Waterproof Backpack XO 6.2 Waterproof Backpack

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