YogaRat Hot Yoga Towel

Make a gift to your yoga mattress and protect it with this hot yoga towel by YogaRat. At 600 gsm thread weight, this product was made out of an extra thick and plush 100% microfiber material that will ensure you extra cushion on your yoga mat. What makes this towel special is the fact that it has more than twice the absorption capacity as YogaRat’s regular Yoga Towel.

Purple-Charcoal Hot Yoga Towel

Purple Hot Yoga Towel
Purple Hot Yoga Towel by YogaRat

Perfect for longer mats as well as standard-length mats, this towel for hot yoga offers exceptional grip thus protecting you from possible incidents. Available in seven different colorways such as Charcoal-Ash, Ember Sun, Indigo-Turquoise, Olive-Sky, Pink-Chery, Purple-Charcoal and Turquoise-Forest, this towel can be used as a mattress in some exercises, but also as a meditation pillow if it is rolled.

Forest Hot Yoga Towel

Forest Hot Yoga Towel by YogaRat
Forest Towel for Hot Yoga
Pink Hot Yoga Towel by YogaRat
Pink Hot Yoga Towel
Pink-Cherry Hot Yoga Towel
Charcoal Hot Yoga Towel by YogaRat
Indigo-Turquoise Hot Yoga Towel by YogaRat
Olive Hot Yoga Towel
Ember-Sun Hot Yoga Towel by YogaRat

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