Youth Revolution Speed Custom Football Helmet By Riddell

Riddell is undoubtedly one of the world’s most reliable manufacturers when it comes to youth football helmets, and the Revolution Speed Custom football helmet is a perfect example. It was constructed using inflatable S-pads and neck/side liners for extra protection, while a series of oversized holes on the shell support air circulation.

Youth Revolution Speed Custom Football Helmet By Riddell

As for the liner, it is moisture-resistant and antibacterial, which means that it provides much-needed comfort during lengthy matches. Other noteworthy elements include “no rust” stainless steel hardware, a mid hook-up soft cup chin strap, a built in T-nut wrench and a high-impact ABS shell with a 3-year manufacturer warranty. We should also note that the wearer will need a special pump in order to inflate the pads located inside the helmet.

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