Top 7 Best Youth Wrestling Knee Pads

Youth Wrestling Knee Pads
Youth Wrestling Knee Pads

Does your kid want to start wrestling? Then I’m sure you’re looking for a way to ensure the best protection possible.

The list of wrestling equipment usually includes youth wrestling knee pads, wrestling shoes for youth a mouthguard, headgear, and wrestling shorts. These would be the must-have pieces of equipment.

You can always go further with the protection and add elbow pads, shin guards, and athletic supporter and cup.

Although in general, the equipment for a certain sport is not suitable for other activities, in the case of contact sports such as boxing, wrestling, MMA, and Muay Thai, some pieces are versatile.

What I am trying to say here is that you should not limit yourself to looking for only those that are defined for wrestling. As an example here I can give you the headgear or mouthguard. You can purchase without any hesitation a boxing headgear, a basketball mouthguard, or even a boxing mouthguard.

In this article, I covered the topic of youth wrestling knee pads.

Let’s see together how you can provide the best protection for your child.

Why does your youth needs knee pads for wrestling

The knee pads are an excellent addition to protect knees from bruises, scratches, mat burns, and even more serious injuries.

Wearing knee pads can give youths a piece of mind.

They will feel prepared and protected in case of impact. This will not make them hesitate when they see the opportunity. They can play with confidence and focus on the game!

To summarize, youths should wear knee pads because:

  • They offer protection to the knee joint and surrounding areas from scratches, mat burns, and cuts
  • In addition to protection, they ensure comfort, breathability, and durability
  • They can even reduce the severity of knee injuries
  • They increase the confidence of the players allowing them to focus only on their performance

How to choose knee pads for youth

Knee pads for youths should be chosen based on age, fit, purpose, protection level, length, material, and comfort.

First of all, the knee pads must fit the athlete. They are usually classified as adult knee pads and knee pads for youth. So consider taking the ones that are specially created for youths because they are more capable of offering a snug fit.

When it comes to fit, knee pads must feel snug but natural on the leg. They must not be too tight because you risk cutting blood circulation. At the same time, they don’t have to be loose because they will move during the movement of the leg. If they can not stay stable on the knee, they will not offer protection in the area.

The amount of padding must also be taken into account when you want a pair of youth knee pads. Some knee pads have a thicker layer of padding, others thinner, while others surround the leg in EVA foam.

The thickness of the padding is directly related to the main purpose. In more aggressive and contact games that involve landing on the knees, greater protection is needed. In other sports, the knee only needs support and less protection, so you can choose knee pads with lighter padding.

The material is another factor that contributes to the ultimate comfort of the wearer. He must provide the little athlete with good ventilation to reduce sweat and odor. The material must be soft and smooth in order not to promote rashes on the skin.

All in all, these are factors that can guide you in choosing the right youth knee pads.

1. Adidas Youth Wrestling Kneepad Black

This Adidas youth wrestling knee pad has an extremely minimalistic design. It has a simple black color without any detail. So, for those who want a style as simple and plain as possible, you can choose this wrestling knee pad.

Although it boasts a lightweight low profile, it has a decent height that covers the whole knee well. Even in the case of harder landings, it protects both the upper and lower knee part.

A plus is also brought by its material. It has optimal durability that has a high resistance to wear. You will definitely not see any cracks in the structure.

In front, it features an EVA foam that absorbs shocks and distributes them evenly over a larger surface. In this way, the knee is not injured or affected.

Overall, it is a great youth wrestling knee pad that ensures increased protection.

Just be careful when ordering it. It is sold individually, so if you plan to wear two, you should purchase two.

adidas Youth Wrestling Kneepad Black

2. Adidas Youth 5 Inch Knee Pad

The Adidas Youth 5 Inch knee pads are all about protection and comfort. They come in all white and full black, but only in one size that fits most.

Although only available in one size, these Adidas wrestling knee pads are suitable for most young people in middle school or high school.

Their low-profile design covers the knee and all the surrounding areas such as the knee cap and patella. For such a style, they offer decent coverage without interfering with the athlete’s range of movement.

They are made from polyester and cotton and feel soft on the skin. This combination of materials offers sufficient toughness to withstand any abrasion and damage. It also provides ventilation, ensuring the knee stays dry and sweat-free.

The foam from the front of the knee pads is not too large or bulky. Even if the foam is not that thick, they do a good job of protecting the knee from burns and other injuries.

Adidas Youth 5 Inch Knee Pad

3. Bodyprox Wrestling Knee Pads for Youth

These youth wrestling knee pads from Bodyprox are unisex, being suitable for both boys and girls. What is cool is that they are not only for youths but also for junior kids. You can choose from two sizes that include 8 to 13 years old (6.7-11 inches), and 13 to 18 years old (11-15.3 inches).

The construction of these knee pads is made of sturdy but elastic and breathable material. Your kid will have no problems putting on and taking off these pads. The fact that they offer airflow and ventilation means that the knee is dry and cool at all times.

They are super lightweight and their height is one that covers even the areas above the knees. Despite this aspect, they do not make the athlete uncomfortable. Their anti-slip feature does not let them slip down during movement either.

But how about the protection itself? Well, these youth wrestling knee pads boast a shock-absorbing EVA foam. The foam is very thick and definitely takes care of the knee.

It is incredible that all this comes at a reasonable price too.

Bodyprox Youth Wrestling Kneepad Black

4. Under Armour Youth Wrestling Knee Pads 2.0

Under Armor is another brand that makes protective gear for young athletes who want to protect their knees while engaging in sports.

I included these unisex Under Armor young wrestling knee pads in this article because many customers expressed their thanks for this product. It seems that Under Armor is a reliable and trusted brand by parents.

Manufactured using different fibers and knit construction, they have a soft texture in contact with the skin. This natural, soft feel helps the athlete to focus on the game without constantly worrying about any unusual sensations.

On the inside, they include a dual-density EVA foam that maintains a thin profile. Even if they are not bulky, they do exactly what they say – they protect the knee by absorbing most of the impact shock.

The knees will not suffer burns, cuts, scratches, or other injuries. These youth wrestling knee pads will make sliding and diving easier.

Under Armour Youth Wrestling Knee Pads 2.0

5. Cliff Keen Wraptor Lycra Knee Pad 2.0

Cliff Keen brand boasts the Wraptor Lycra knee pad for wrestling. Although a bit unusual, this product is sold individually and not as a package of 2 knee pads. But they are so well designed that you will definitely appreciate them.

This knee pad has a low profile and provides effective protection to the top and bottom of the kneecap while keeping a sleek design. Its length is optimal, covering a large area without interfering with motion during wrestling sessions.

But this knee pad has something extra that the ones above don’t have.

The special feature of this knee pad is the placement of the padding. The padding is placed not only in front but also on the side of the knee pad structure. So that it protects not only the top and bottom of the kneecap but also the sides. The padding is thick and absorbs the impacts.

Another plus that I consider cool about it is the fact that it is easy to put on the foot and that it does not have any Velcro strap. Sometimes Velcro straps tend to chafe and irritate the skin.

Its material offers breathability and a decent elasticity to take it off quickly. I think the stitching is a feature that Cliff Keen can improve a bit. Some of them tend to come loose, but it is more a matter of aesthetic because the structure of the knee pad is still maintained.

Overall, this is one of the best youth wrestling knee pads that ensure support, padding, and comfort.

Cliff Keen Youth Wrestling Knee Pads 2.0

6. Bucwild Sports Knee Pads for Wrestling

Another option for those looking for youth wrestling knee pads is from Bucwild Sports. What you need to know is that these knee pads are compression knee pads.

This type of knee pad is different from traditional knee pads. The compression knee pads have a stretchier material and less padding. Their main purpose is to offer more support to the knee and not necessarily protection.

In the front part, they feature EVA foam but in small quantities. If you usually land hard, then these knee pads are not for you. They offer more protection against minor scratches and abrasions.

These knee pads come in handy for those who have suffered from injuries and need help to reduce the swelling, or for those who have knee pain. The compression knee pads improve circulation which can relieve some of the pain.

They are comfortable and easy to put on. Thanks to their lightweight and sleek design, they can be worn even under jeans.

Bucwild Sports Knee Pads for Wrestling

7. McDavid Youth Hex Knee/Elbow/Shin Pads, Black, One Size

These McDavid Youth Hex knee pads are designed to offer a perfect balance of protection, support, and comfort. They combine the traditional design with that of compression knee pads. Their length is great and covers a good part of the leg without disturbing the sports activity.

Although the description defines them as knee pads, they can also be used for the elbow or shin area. Their material is elastic and breathable, which sits perfectly on the knees, offering a snug fit.

The Moisture Management technology keeps sweat under control during wear. Your knee is cold and dry during your training. Also, this is cool because the knee pads can be taken off easily. It is much more difficult to take off a knee pad from a sweaty knee.

The padding includes a McDavid technology called Hex. Hex is a technology that involves the use of cell foam padding for good protection. The padding is 0.35 inches thick to protect against body-to-body contact, but also for sliding on the mat.

McDavid Wrestling Youth Hex Knee Pads, Black, One Size


How to wash knee pads

Washing knee pads is not a difficult process. But, before starting, you must first consult the product label. This will answer your question if you can put knee pads in the washer or not. Let’s see each case closer.

Machine-washable knee pads

If the label confirms that you can put the knee pads in the washing machine, then you can continue with the next steps.

  • Prepare the pads accordingly, meaning try to remove any dirt and, in the case of a knee pad with Velcro straps, try to close them to avoid snagging.
  • Place the pads in a laundry bag. The bag will provide protection during washing.
  • Use a gentle detergent. Do not use fabric softener because it destroys their structure.
  • Always wash them in cold water. Set the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cold water.
  • Let them air dry. Try to avoid exposure to an intense heat source as this will cause them to shrink. You can let them dry in the sun.
Knee pads that must be washed by hand

If the knee pads cannot be washed in the washing machine, then you must wash them by hand. This is also very easy.

  • Try to remove any dirt by hand from their surface.
  • Soak them in cold water and add a gentle detergent. Do not add a big amount of detergent.
  • Let them soften for 5-10 minutes. Then try to spin them by hand in the water.
  • Take them out of the water, and squeeze out excess but not aggressively.
  • Leave them to air dry. Just like the machine-washable ones, do not expose them to intense heat.

As you can see, it is best to let the knee pads air dry. Keep this in mind before washing them because it can take up to 12-15 hours to dry. If you know you have a big game the next day, then you should consider that twice.

In the case of cleaning white knee pads, you must follow the same steps and use a soft detergent as well. I know you want the white to be immaculate, but it is not recommended to add strong cleaning products because you risk destroying them.

Are knee pads supposed to be tight ?

The knee pads must provide a snug fit. A snug fit follows the shape of your knee and leg without being too tight or loose.

They should not feel too tight. A tight knee pad is uncomfortable, restricts your movement, and even cuts your blood flow.

If you have purchased a pair of knee pads and they are too tight, try wearing them around the house for 1 hour or 2. Usually, they loosen and adapt to your body. If after this test, they still feel too tight, then you should consider buying another size.

How to measure knee pads ?

To determine the right size of the knee pads, first, check the manufacturer’s size chart. See its recommendations on how to measure too.

You should measure your knee as the manufacturer advises. Most, however, recommend measuring the circumference of the knee at its widest point while standing. But it never hurts to double-check as the measurement can differ from brand to brand, but also depending on the type. Compression knee pads, traditional knee pads, and knee pads with Velcro straps have the same role but their design differs.

After you have measured, go back to the size chart and see what size is recommended for you.

How to deodorize knee pads ?

You can always have important events from one day to the next, but the knee pads are dirty or have an unpleasant smell. As we saw above, if you wash them, their drying takes from 12 to 15 hours, which you may not have.

Luckily there are three ways to deodorize the knee pads:
  • You can soak your knee pads in a mixture of white vinegar and water for 60 seconds. Some also add a spoonful of baking soda
  • You can gently rinse your knee pads with some water
  • You can deodorize your knee pads by letting them ventilate

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