Zoop Novo Dive Watch By Suunto

Diving can be an incredibly rewarding experience but it can also be a very dangerous one, which is why you should always invest in adequate equipment. Choosing a great diving suit is obviously important, but it’s also worth taking the time to pick up a reliable dive watch, as this gadget can provide a plethora of useful information.

Zoop Novo Dive Watch By Suunto Blue Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Watch Blue Suunto Zoop Novo

The Zoop Novo by Suunto is a great choice, as it can withstand pressures at depths of up to 260 feet. It boasts a built-in dive planner, as well as five different dive modes that can help you monitor your descents and ascents. Any diver knows that coming up too fast can lead to decompression sickness, which is commonly known as “the bends.” The Zoop Novo can help you avoid this dangerous condition, and that’s reason enough to buy one.

Other important features include a simple user interface that’s easy to read and operate, as well as a sleek and simple design. The watch’s software is compatible with the operating systems installed on most laptops, and so it can help you track your diving sessions more closely.

Dive Watch, Zoop Novo Suunto Zoop Novo Blue Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Watch Zoop Novo Dive Watch

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